Peaceful Anti-Trump Protest Held at UOP

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STOCKTON -- The University of the Pacific may be a small campus but through chants, signs and a unified front students are letting the community know how they feel about President-elect Donald Trump in a big way.

“Pacific isn’t silent," said Kori Jones, President of the Black Student Union at UOP. "That we see the injustices that we have across the world and that honestly we’re not OK with it."

The students were the latest to join other campuses throughout the nation condemning Trump’s stance on several issues, especially immigration.

“Both of my parents came to this country from Mexico," said Luis Pena, a second year student at UOP. "Yes they came here with the proper documentation but it still concerns me."

UOP Administrator Patrick Day said the school supports the students demonstration.

“We need to listen to our students right now, and if we’re going to have the kind of nation that will be important for us, then we have got to listen to the people who are going to be running it," said Day, the Vice President of Student Life. "Our students are telling us something very important.”

He adds since Trump won the election, they’ve been offering students one-on-one guidance.

“We’re spending a lot of time in the last couple of days in a lot of one-on-one discussions with individual students,” Day said.

Students said while they’re worried about the new changes Trump will bring, they’re ready to fight for what they believe in.

“And telling each other that you know we’re going to be OK, we’re going to overcome but we have to be together on something," Jones said. "We’re only going to be able to fight this if we’re unified."

Overall it was a peaceful demonstration. No one was hurt and they did not disrupt classes.

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