Thousands Turn Out for Folsom Veterans Day Parade

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FOLSOM -- Thousands of people lined the streets of Folsom to celebrate the 16th Annual Veterans Day parade.

"Because of them, we can have this. Today, my husband who is a Veteran, can be with his grandchildren," Diane Yates of the Sacramento Capital A's Model A club said.

Bob Repar served in the US Air Force and 30 years in the Folsom Police Department. The retired lieutenant was selected to be this year's parade Grand Marshall.

He waved proudly to the crowd as he kicked off the parade.

"We were willing to give our life for the freedom they're celebrating today," Repar said.

Rodrigo Villagomez was 10 years active duty, Then he transferred to the National Guard.

For him, today is a day of appreciation and reflection.

"When you take a day to remember all of the friends you have left behind and all of their friends and the bond that you share, it's a very special day," Villagomez said.

It is also a very special day for kids who call themselves future veterans.

"I'm applying to a military scholarship for the Army or the Airforce," Cadet Paul Boucher said.

The 17-year-old has been in the Casa Roble HS Jr. ROTC for 4 years. In the near future, he will get a new uniform to start his career in the military. Repar said these kids makes all the years of service worth it.

"With kids like that, the future of America is so bright. Those are the greatest kids around," Repar said.

The 1.5 mile parade was followed by a ceremony to honor local Veterans at the Veterans Memorial in Folsom City Lions Park.