Megyn Kelly: Trump ‘Came After Me Like a Dog with a Bone’

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Megyn Kelly says covering Donald Trump’s presidential campaign tested her both as a person and as a journalist.

The Fox News host told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday that Trump’s attacks on her during the Republican primary caused “security issues” for her and her family.

“He came after me like a dog with a bone for nine months,” Kelly said, adding that the president-elect can be “thin-skinned” and “vindictive.”

At the first Republican debate, in August 2015, Kelly asked Trump about his history of calling women dogs and pigs. A day later, Trump told CNN that Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Kelly told “GMA” that one of her “lowest points” was when her young daughter came home and asked her what a bimbo was. Trump had retweeted a comment containing the insult, directed at Kelly.

But she also said her off-the-record meeting with Trump at at his Manhattan residence earlier this year helped her get past their feud.

“I think he has a magnanimous piece of him. He has a charming piece to him as well,” she said, adding that Trump “becomes a bit more open-minded” if he feels he’s talking to someone who is open-minded as well.

“The problem with him,” she said, “is he often feels attacked even when he’s not.”

The interview was timed with the release of Kelly’s book, “Settle for More,” which also details her allegations of sexual harassment against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

She told “GMA” that Ailes tried to kiss her about a year after she started working at the network. When she rebuffed his advances, she said, he asked her when her contract was up.

Ailes released a statement Monday saying that he denies the allegations and that he “worked tirelessly to promote and advance her career.”

Responding to Ailes’ statement, Kelly said “both things can be true.”

“A woman can be harassed and then go on to have a good working relationship with the man harassing her,” she said.

Kelly is in contract negotiations with Fox News. Sources familiar with the matter have told CNNMoney that Fox has offered her more than $20 million a year. She declined to say Tuesday whether she would stay.