Michael Tubbs, Anthony Silva Meet for First Time Since Election at Stockton City Council Meeting

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STOCKTON -- Tuesday night was the first Stockton City Council meeting since last week's election, where Councilman Michael Tubbs defeated Mayor Anthony Silva. The meeting was also the first time both men were in the same room.

At the beginning of the meeting Mayor Silva congratulated his opponent.

"I would expect anyone out there who claims to be my friend or one of my supporters not to express any hate against the new mayor and to allow him the opportunity to lead," Silva told the city council and members of the public in attendance. "Mayor-elect Tubbs, you have my support and you have my commitment for a smooth transition during the next month and a half."

Silva told FOX40 more about his interactions with Mayor-elect Tubbs.

"I texted him congratulations a day after the election. This afternoon we had a good meeting in here, we talked about the transition, I told him to continue the important things to me, to make sure the homeless folks have a place to go," Silva told FOX40.

However, along with low voter turnout, Silva still blames Tubbs' financial backers for costing him the election.

"One day there'll come a time where the new mayor-elect might not agree with something they want him to do, but they're going to remind him that they gave him $250,000 and he needs to come through with his end of the bargain," Silva told FOX40.

But Silva's political attacks may have reactions reaching beyond the election.

"My wife went out to walk the dogs and she comes back in and goes, 'oh my car got egged.' And the next thing, 'oh all of our cars got egged,'" political strategist and Silva critic Scott Winn said.

He questions if the mayor's Facebook rant listing his address during the election led to that vandalism at his house.

"I don't have any evidence to say it had something to do with that. I guess the timing is a little bit coincidental, but I can't say for sure,"Winn said.

But Mayor Silva told FOX40 he did remove Winn's address later that same night.

"I don't think that in that 5 minutes that somebody went and targeted him. I don't believe that at all, I think that's just something they made up," Silva said.