Snow Machines Working Overtime so Ski Resorts Can Open by Thanksgiving

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There was a light falling of snow in the sierra Wednesday night. But warm temperatures during the day have made it difficult for ski resorts to know for sure whether they can open in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

On the drive up Highway 50, rain slowly turned into hail, and just a little higher up, snow.

"It snowed all the way over there and all the way back, so, it got a nice dusting out there," said Lori Sanden, who, along with Tim Sheets, went to Heavenly Wednesday to pick up their season passes.

"We just picked up my skis today," Sanden said.

"There's snow up top, but certainly nothing below the mid-mountain down it's still dry dirt. But I know they've been making a lot of snow too," Sheets told FOX40.

Snow making machines are running all night at Sierra at Tahoe. That's great news for Strawberry Lodge, where Sanden and Sheets are staying.

"Last year was very good. So anything close to last year will be good for business, yes," said Michael Hicks, Strawberry Lodge's owner.

But Hicks hopes the machines won't be needed for that much longer, since real snow helps his business more.

"We get a lot of people that just stop in. If the weather's bad they'll stop in and want to get a room instead of trying to drive in it, or buy snow chains so that's all part of the business too. But probably the majority is skiers on the weekends especially," Hicks told FOX40.

And Sheets said for the true ski bums, man made snow just isn't the same.

"The quality is better than it used to be, but when they make snow they can only make it in specific areas," Sheets told FOX40.

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