Turlock City Council Race Still Too Close to Call

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TURLOCK -- They've been sorted, checked and organized into bins.

All that's left to do is count the mail-in ballots at the Stanislaus County Registrar of Voters, which could close the gap even more for Turlock's City Council District 4 race.

“A little anxious but we remain positive,” said Steven Nascimento, a candidate for Turlock City Council.

Nascimento is hoping to unseat city councilwoman Amy Bublak.

Tuesday's count shows that he's in the lead but only by four votes.

“You know I think there’s been a lot of division in our community over the last several… probably the last year. And I think that is coming out in this election,” he said.

Bublak is a retired police officer. She told FOX40 in a text message that she’s waiting for results before commenting about the election.

These past few days have been a nail biter for both candidates as Election Day showed Nascimento in the lead.

“Election night, the first numbers showed, I believe, we were about 81 votes or so,” he said.

But as the days went on, that number got smaller and smaller as more and more ballots were counted.

“Our lead now is four votes and so yeah, it makes it for… for an anxious week for us but we remain hopeful,” he said.

And that anxiety won’t go away for at least another couple of weeks as election officials continue to tally, organize and count the rest of the ballots.

All of the ballots should be counted by Dec. 6, and that's when we should know the results for District 4's race.

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