Rock-Throwing Vandals Target Cars in Modesto

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MODESTO -- Residents in a North Modesto neighborhood off Pelandale Road near Highway 99 are frustrated over an attack by vandals who smashed a half-dozen car windows on Sunday evening.

Among them was a car belonging to Frank Huggins' son.

"He heard glass shattering, and a girl laughing, and car skidding down the street," said Huggins.

Several security cameras and witnesses saw a late-model Chevy Tahoe driving from the neighborhood near Gagos Drive and Melgren Avenue. The culprits tossed large river rock stones the size of softballs through the windows.

George Giwargis said his insurance will cover the damage but he still lost out.

“Almost two days I’m off of work because this happen ... I have this one car to drive to the Bay Area," said Giwargis.

Huggins says it wasn't just cars in his neighborhood that were hit. His wife was told by police that they had 50 similar complaints in recent days. When he drove to work he spotted more cars with windows that were being repaired. He stopped to talk to one owner and found that a rock was thrown at his car.

Huggins is frustrated that anyone would want to do so much damage randomly to strangers. He said it was a bad time to be a victim of such damage.

“For us to have us be out our insurance deductible a month before Christmas, fortunately, we can handle it, but there are others who may not be able to have their vehicles repaired," said Huggins.

Some neighbors are also frustrated that Modesto Police never came out to investigate the vandalism, saying incriminating evidence wasn't likely to be found.

Still some neighbors feel the security cameras found substantial leads for police and hope that an arrest can be made.

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