CHP Investigates Deadly Shooting Near Southbound 99, Crosstown Freeway in Stockton

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STOCKTON -- At first glance it looks like the scene of a simple car crash, and that's just what officers first thought they were dealing with around 3 p.m. when they rushed to where  a silver BMW ran off the transition ramp between southbound Highway 99 and Stockton's Crosstown Freeway.

But, it turns out, there's nothing simple about what happened here.

"When the officers got on scene they determined that it wasn't a vehicle accident or a traffic collision.  It was actually the victim of a shooting," said CHP Sgt. Dennis Crutchfield.

It's a shooting the man behind the wheel did not survive.

Witnesses reported seeing the BMW run off the road, but so far no one seems to have spotted the car the bullets may have come from or the person who may have fired.

Those in the regular Wednesday commute crunch compiled with early Thanksgiving drivers meant slow-going on Highway 99, as detectives with the California Highway Patrol shut down the ramp while they pinpointed bullet casings left by the gunman and hunted for other evidence along the highway.

Though some may think the area is the perfect spot to fire fatal shots unnoticed and make a clean getaway, nearby electronic eyes may be the most telling witnesses.

"We'll go through traffic cameras. We'll go through business surveillance cameras, anything that can identify or at least give us a lead as to what we can follow up on," said Crutchfield.

As darkness fell over the crime scene, what might just be a random targeting of a driver put folks in the area on edge.

"Yeah," said Todd Panella when asked about being nervous to start his drive to Jackson.

"I mean getting's scary. It's really scary," said Tiffany Caya as she pumped gas an exit away from the shooting scene.

"We just moved back from San Diego like three years ago, and that's why I was so scared to move back. That's why I live out in Linden. I don't even like coming over here. It's just sad," said Amanda Hood.

At 10 p.m. Wednesday, the CHP estimated it would take another hour to get the ramp open.

Officers still wouldn't release the name or any other details about the victim.

They also wouldn't say if anything found in the BMW provided any clues into why the driver was killed.