Sacramento Artists Creating Portable Shelters for the Homeless

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OAK PARK -- Homelessness is a complicated issue.

But two Sacramento artists are working toward a simple solution for those living on the streets in their neighborhood.

It starts with a wheelchair.

"We use the wheels, we use the axle, we use the break," said Kevin Greenberg.

Greenberg and Aimee Phelps are friends, neighbors and founders of the Art Through Pod Project.

"It's about eight feet long and four feet wide," said Greenberg.

They showed FOX40 their latest mini, insulated trailer.

"It has a door that's in here with little hinges that close," said Phelps.

Named Oak Park Rising, this Pod was painted by a local artist then donated to an elderly homeless man.

So far there are eight unique pods that are out and in use in Oak Park.

FOX40 walked through the neighborhood with Aimee and Kevin.

They were stopped multiple times.

One woman asked how she could get a pod.

"Everybody's on the list, we're trying to get to everyone as soon as we can," said Phelps.

Another woman expressed gratitude for her new shelter.

The pods are scattered throughout the neighborhood; parked in alley ways and parking spaces.

Isaac has already made his pod home.

He greeted us with a flower and let us take a peek inside.

"You've been on the streets for two years and now you got a place?" Amy said to Isaac.

So far the impact of the project is strong.

Aimee and Kevin can feel it.

"I can't even explain how happy it makes us to go out and give these pods away to people who need it and deserve it and shouldn't be sleeping in alcoves and forgotten," said Phelps.

They're emotional knowing their simple idea to provide shelter to the homeless and art to the community, is making life a little better for those who desperately need it.

"Its been an amazing project and to see the impact were having on the community and to see how the community's embraced it I couldn't ask for anything better," Greenberg said.

You can find more information about the project and how to donate, here.