Travel Out of Sac International Airport Flowing Smoothly So Far

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SACRAMENTO -- Stuffing your face with turkey may be the best part of Thanksgiving, but getting to your destination safely and quickly is probably a close second.

Surprisingly though, getting to the airport on Sacramento's highways Wednesday was harder than catching a flight out of town.

"I'm not looking forward to getting back on the freeway," said Salim Salaues who was making his way from Portland, Oregon, to Monterey and had stopped for gas.

You'll find plenty of company on the highways, though, if that is your way of getting to and from this Thanksgiving holiday.

AAA of Northern California says more people from the state will travel more than 50 miles from home than in the past nine years. And gas prices aren't too bad right now.

AAA estimates that 86 percent of travelers this Thanksgiving will hit the road instead of flying or taking the train, and they'll enjoy the lowest gas prices in five years.

"Exactly," said Salaues. "So, I'm trying to take advantage of it instead of trying to pay for a plane ticket."

Usually, the last place you'd want to be on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is at an airport. But Sacramento International was surprisingly calm. Only minor delays for very few flights, and the short lines and smooth sailing through security made for happy passengers, whether they were coming or going.

"I got here so early. The whole parking lot was open so I took a nap," laughed one mom on her way to visit her son for Thanksgiving.

An airport spokesperson noted that while the number of flights this holiday season did not increase, the capacity of the planes did.

So maybe the friendly sky's are a better bet after all.