Sacramento Group Spends Every Thursday, Even Thanksgiving, Helping Less Fortunate

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SACRAMENTO -- They are not serving your traditional turkey, and the music is not holiday classic, it’s hip-hop. Still, people sure are thankful.

"I want you to know, it's because of people like you that we can get a new spirit, and we can believe. I am somebody," said one happy woman.

These people aren't here at this food line because it's Thanksgiving. They're here because it's Thursday.

"We're out here every single Thursday for the last five years. Never missed a single day," Jaskarn Johal, of SEVA, told FOX40.

It started as just a group of friends who got together, and then got together whatever they could to give to people living on the street. Now, they are a registered charity called SEVA.

"It's an Indian word that means selfless service," Johal said.

"I got a blanket, a blanket and a beanie. It's a blessing," said another man they helped.

He's just one of hundreds lined up.

"I am so happy. I am just so happy. I am happy because I recently just went through a very devastating stating part in my life where I just lost everything. I mean house... car... everything. And I was all by myself," said another woman.

It’s stories like hers, all the stories that lead all these people here, those stories don't wait for Thanksgiving.

“People tend, on that day, to actually take some time out and go give a little back, but I feel like every day should be that way," Johal said.

And that's the reason SEVA says they'll be out here next Thursday, and every Thursday after that.