Single Mom Reunites with Good Samaritan who Helped Pay for Groceries

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OAKDALE -- A parking lot is not an ideal location to spend a part of Thanksgiving Day but for two women who were once strangers, an Oakdale strip mall is where their lives were forever changed.

"I appreciate her and I will never forget this ever," Crystal Layton of Oakdale said.

Layton is a single mother to 1-year-old Ariana. She said life has been challenging, financially and emotionally.

"It's been tough to me see people like the good in people lately and I was actually kind of being ungrateful really when I think about it," she said.

On Tuesday night, she went to a Dollar Tree to buy some sandwiches and medicine. When she was about to pay using money she made from recycling, the clerk stopped her.

"'Oh no, she paid for you.' I'm like, 'What are your talking about?'" Layton recalled.

The clerk handed her $10 and a note which read, "I would like to pay for her items, she can keep the change. Tell her, 'Happy Holidays.'"

After Layton found to the Good Samaritan paid for her groceries, she immediately went to the parking lot to try and find her.

Unfortunately, she wasn't fast enough and was unable to thank her in person.

"I felt cared for. It was just really really nice," Layton explained.

Later that night, Layton posted on Facebook about her experience. Two days later, the two families met in person.

"Something just told me that she was a young mom that you know could use it," Vicky Griffith of Oakdale said.

Griffith said she simply saw someone in need.

"When I was younger my mom was a single mom with two kids. I remember times being hard and I remember Christmas being hard," Griffith told FOX40.

Griffith's kind gesture didn't end with the groceries. When they reunited she handed Layton another gift. A gift card that she hopes will help her with Christmas.

"I got you a little something extra, just because $10 isn't much but I hope this helps with Christmas," Griffith said.

A little something that has brought in a lot of light for the single mother.

Layton said since posting on Facebook, other people have stepped up wanting to help. Instead, she's asked them to pay it forward.