Cows Escape from Trailer, Become Stuck Behind North Highlands Apartment

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NORTH HIGHLANDS -- Cows walking in the middle of the road caused havoc in North Highlands Tuesday morning.

"I heard something brushing up against the building," resident Ozell Butcher said.

Butcher sprung out of bed to find out what it was, and thankfully it wasn't a burglar. It was something much bigger.

"My grandson came out here and said, 'There are cows out there.' And I was like, what?" Butcher said.

The cows' owner said the Angus calves were supposed to be in a trailer, en route from Oregon to La Grange.

But CHP got a call at 5:15 a.m., saying the cows were stopping traffic near Madison and Jackson roads.

Many truck drivers use Jackson Road as a place to take a quick snooze on their long journeys. This truck driver did the exact same. Except he said in the middle of the night, someone opened the latch of the trailer and the cows walked out.

CHP said the cows roamed around Madison until eventually splitting in two herds. Six went to the Bridge at Five Oaks apartment complex on Harrison and President streets. The other five went to a nearby RV park.

For hours, they huddled behind the air conditioning units at the apartments, until animal control brought out their farm animal rescue specialist.

"Just put up the portable panels here at the end of the trailer. It was a good location to get them caught," animal rescuer John Hospenthal said.

By 8:40 a.m., the cows began walking out of the alley.

Minutes later, all 11 cows were on the road again to Central California.

"They could have gotten hit on the road. So it turned out good," Hospenthal said.