Police Warn of Package Thieves this Holiday Season

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SACRAMENTO -- This Cyber Monday set yet another record -- nearly $3.5 billion in sales. That's a lot of merchandise about to hit front porches in neighborhoods around the region, and that means thieves will be hitting those neighborhoods, too.

"It just seems sad. I know how hard I work for my money. And it is just amazing to me that whoever's thinking they don't need to work, it's OK to go along and take other people's stuff," said Jill Jurenka, an IT professional and Cyber Shopper.

Jurenka is reacting to video of a package thief who hit a home in her Arden Arcade neighborhood Monday. And as sad as she finds it, it was worse when she found out what was inside the packages that were stolen.

The thief took Thomas the Train toys, Daniel Tiger books and Duplos -- all toys for a child's Christmas.

"I work odd hours sometimes, and odd days and long days. So yeah, I just didn't want to take the chance of not being home or not getting home directly after work," Jurenka said.

That's why she got a post office box where she has her packages delivered.

Local police departments, who've seen package thefts grow by as much as 50 percent year-to-year, are looking for solutions too. They're using bait packages and GPS trackers to try to catch thieves, or better yet, deter them.

Delivery companies and the people getting deliveries are tying to be more careful too. But police still say the best advice is to try to be home so you can receive your purchases in person.

Oh, and one other thing -- if you recognize the toy thief from the video, give law enforcement a call.