Sacramento Music Producer, Author Killed

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SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento music producer and author has allegedly been killed by one of his own family members.

Michael Dailey, also known as Joe Black, was shot and killed in the Greenhaven neighborhood Saturday, allegedly by his own nephew, according to Sacramento police.

Tuesday night, 97.5 KDEE community radio held a tribute show to Dailey with dozens calling in.

KDEE DJ Jay King said Dailey was a man who touched a lot of lives.

"Mike's a conduit, so everyone is plugged in to everyone through Mike," King told FOX40.

That's why King wanted to dedicate his Traffic Jamz show to him.

"I couldn't believe it (when I heard the news)," he said.

Dailey's body was found by Sacramento police Saturday afternoon, near Gloria Drive and Florin Road.

Shortly after, officers arrested Dailey's nephew, 24-year-old Myron Dailey, in a nearby apartment building.

King said the two had a fight the night before, and Mike Dailey was trying to apologize.

"I just want to rewind the day, so we can have a conversation with him to stop him from going to the house, because Mike was going to the house for peace," King told FOX40.

"I couldn't believe he was lying out there. This was something you would never thought would happen to Mike," said Dailey's longtime friend, Kelly Keys.

And he said many who know Dailey needed the dedication show.

"This helped me out tonight, to be here," he said.

Many called in sharing their stories about Mike's different projects.

"He was always working on a project, whether it was a book, a film, music, he was always, something in the community. He was always doing something," King said.

Dailey wrote a book with political activist Dr. Cornel West, "Truth Matters: A Love Revolution," which was published earlier this year.

King said the two were working on a second book, and Dailey was also shooting a documentary about Sacramento's music scene.

Now many of his friends vow to finish projects he started.

"A lot of different people that are going to step up, it's just going to take a minute for everyone to gather themselves, because like I said, this is a tough blow, this is Mike Dailey," King told FOX40.

Dailey leaves behind three daughters and several grandkids, including triplets. Visit his GoFundMe page for more information on how to help his family.