Stockton Mosque Targeted by Hateful Letter

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STOCKTON -- The Islamic Center of Stockton is the latest California mosque mailed a hateful letter threatening genocide during a Trump presidency.

The letter reads in part: "To the children of Satan, You Muslims are vile and filthy people...Your day of reckoning has arrived...There's a new Sheriff in town. President Donald Trump...He's going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews."

"It's hard when the President was elected my son actually thought we had to move out of the country. It's our job as parents, as elders, to explain to them it's gonna be OK," Nadeem Khan said.

Khan is the General Secretary at the Islamic Center of Stockton. He told FOX40 he found the letter when he checked the mail on Saturday.

The same handwritten letter has been photocopied and distributed to mosques in Los Angeles, San Jose and Fresno. The local chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, also known as CAIR, told FOX40 that they are collecting the letter and turning them over to the FBI for an investigation.

"We accept him as the president," Dr. Malik Awar said.

Awar is the President of the Islamic Center of Stockton. He told FOX40 the language in the letter was propaganda, intended to divide their community, and that it inspired him to write a letter to Donald Trump on Monday, asking him to put a stop to the dialogue.

"It will go to the dire consequences, you know. The, 'I am against you, you are against me,' and I don't want there to be bloodshed here," Awar said.

Another member of the mosque said he was glad it received the letter, because he would not want their mosque to be left out of the discussion.

"People talk about making America great again. You know what made America great? Immigrants. The people who came here with nothing and had to make something out of that. When you start hating immigrants for being immigrants, maybe it's because you're failing to be a part of America's greatness," Clint Buchanan said. "So, I suggest you immigrate. You go somewhere where you can be great and once you've achieved something, come back to America. We'll still accept you. Because we don't hate you. We love you. That's all I have to say,."