Sacramento Artist Community Reacts to the Oakland Warehouse Fire

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SACRAMENTO -- Many underground art galleries in the Central Valley are reacting to Friday night's tragedy in Oakland at Ghost Ship. The underground art scene is not very large, according to some.

"It really does touch home because I was just recently looking into purchasing a warehouse space myself, and something that does come to mind always is codes and making sure that we're meeting those things and insurance is covered," said Aurora Jimenez, the founder of Retreat 916, which organizes such events designed to bring attention to the artist community in Sacramento as well as bringing outside artist in.

Originally from San Francisco, Jimenez has been checking the list of names of people who may have been there, making sure none of her friends or colleagues are still reported as missing.

"You do realize that this is massive for us within the community because these kind of things don't happen very often," Jimenez told FOX40.

Although Jimenez has never been to Ghost Ship, she worries she's going to know at least one of the deceased, especially since she's heard a lot of hype about the building.

"I feel like it's stable; I've always heard about this space," Jimenez said. "Like the name Ghost Ship is something that they've titled it but it's an organization run by Satya Yuga."

If there's any silver lining to take away from this tragedy, Jimenez hopes that it reminds others who put on these shows like her to use more caution.

"If we aren't making sure that we're following the codes than we're not doing our jobs as protectors of the people who come into these places, and I think ultimately that should be our goal is to make sure that these people are safe when they come here in this great space," Jimenez said.

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