California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon Takes Swipe at President-Elect Trump

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SACRAMENTO -- California legislative leaders started the first day of the new legislative session taking swings at President-elect Donald Trump.

The largely ceremonial first day with members' families on the floor of the Assembly took a partisan turn, much to the disgust of Assembly Republicans.

“White nationalists and Anti-Semites have no business working in the White House," said Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon at the podium.

He went on to introduce an Assembly Resolution to Congress opposing the deportation of immigrants without due process.

Republican Assemblymember Melissa Melendez of Lake Elsinore said the effort lacked decorum because members were there to celebrate with their families.

She also said it was not appropriate criticize Trump before he actually made any policy decisions, saying that Trump's campaign rhetoric may be different than what he does in office.

“He doesn’t take office for 46 days and already we have a resolution that seeks to flare up tensions between communities," said Melendez.

Others said it was time to work with the new president in getting him to enact policies that are more favorable to California immigrants.

But Rendon wasn't buying into a call for unity.

“Californians should be wary of the national calls for unity and healing ... Californians do not need healing, we need to fight," said Rendon.

The resolution passed with two Republicans joining Democrat lawmakers.

The State Senate, under the leadership of Senator Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles, passed a similar resolution.

The resolutions carry no legal weight but a coalition of legislators introduced a package of bills in the new legislative session that ensures that undocumented immigrants have access to legal counseling if they face deportation procedures.