Father Claims His 4-Year-Old Daughter was Assaulted by Preschool Classmate

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STOCKTON -- Disturbing claims from a Stockton father who says his 4-year-old daughter was assaulted by her classmate at preschool.

Lawrence Decker says a boy urinated on his daughter at Tully C. Knoles Preschool last Wednesday, and now he’s demanding the Lincoln School District take action.

“I’m hurt,” Decker said as his voice broke and tears welled up in his eyes. “My little girl is terrified.”

Decker says his daughter's classmate followed her to a bathroom stall at Knoles Preschool. He says a boy in the preschool program urinated and placed his genitals on his little girl.

“It was on her butt, her stomach and her face,” he said.

Decker says the boy has been bullying his daughter and she is now too afraid to go back to school. Decker says he's been trying to get answers from the school district but he says they have not been forthcoming citing teacher-student confidentiality.

“Why can't I know? I'm the father. I need to know what's going on. I want to know exactly what occurred,” he asked.

FOX40 also contacted the school district. The superintendent said in a statement, “Student safety is always our highest priority. Due to the increasingly serious nature of a preschool parent's allegations regarding interactions between their child and another preschool student, the district has referred the matter to law enforcement for investigation.”

Decker says he filed a police report with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department on Monday morning

“That is unappropriate (sic), that’s uncalled for. You know there should be proper supervision,” Decker said.

While Decker says he understands the boy may not comprehend boundaries, he wants educators to explain why the boy was allowed to go to the bathroom with his daughter at the same time and if anyone was keeping an eye on the kids.

“There should not have been my daughter and a boy in the same bathroom at the same time, especially the same stall,” he said.

All Decker wants is to keep his daughter safe. He says he will do anything to protect her.

“We told her 'you know baby you’re gonna go to school' and she says 'I don’t want to go to school I’m afraid,'” he explained.

The sheriff’s department says they are looking into the matter but because of the ages of those involved cannot comment further.

Decker says that the little boy has been removed from his daughter's class, but he still attends the same school.

If his daughter continues to feel unsafe, he wants the district to move the boy to another preschool.