New Barnes & Noble in Folsom Serving Alcohol

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FOLSOM -- In a time when brick and mortar stores are shutting down, Barnes & Noble is getting ready to open a store in Folsom with a brand new concept.

"We have onlookers daily, coming up to the window, so this is the right place at the right time," said Barnes & Noble Sacramento District Manager, Darlene Ingram.

In 2008, Barnes & Noble was planning to open a Folsom store, but after the financial crash, they put their plans on hold.

Then their competitor, Borders shut down in 2011. That left Folsom without a major bookstore.

"I'm really glad to see a bookstore here, because I did miss Borders," said shopper, Cindy Leggett.

Next week, Barnes & Noble will open a new store in Folsom's Palladio at Broadstone.

"We're delivering a real state-of-the art bookstore, but we wanted to do it in a comfortable, pleasing environment," said Barnes & Noble Vice President of Development, David Deason.

The Folsom store is one of only three across the nation. Aside from a coffee shop, this store will have the Barnes & Noble Kitchen -- a restaurant with a full bar. Shoppers can also order a glass of wine or a lunch item, and enjoy it anywhere in the store.

"People that are investing in great reading material like to do that in a moment of relaxation," Deason said. "Sometimes that's with a great cup of cappuccino. Sometimes, that's with a nice local glass of wine."

Shoppers can order a glass of wine or a lunch item, and enjoy it anywhere in the store.

This store will also have a new option for checkout.

"If someone doesn't want to wait in line for the traditional purchase, they can go up to the bookseller and be rung up right on the floor," Ingram said.

So far, these high-tech but comfort based concept stores are only open in New York, Minnesota and now Folsom. They see this as the start of a new chapter for their company.

"There's a lot to learn here, and there is a lot more ahead of us than behind us in terms of what we can do, but it's just a great place to start," Deason said.

The bookstore and restaurant opens Tuesday, Dec. 13.