Sacramento Art Community Mourns Oakland Fire Victims

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SACRAMENTO -- Mourners gathered in the Capitol rose garden Monday night to honor the victims of the Oakland Ghost Ship Fire.

Many of those present were artists who feel a deep connection to the loss of so many members of the art community just 90 miles away.

"Every ounce of energy that you send down to Oakland matters," said an organizer of the event.

With electronic candles in hand, they stood in a semi-circle around a table on which the names of the known victims were written on poster boards. Donations for the victims' families were also collected at the table.

"I hug my brothers and sisters, however far away," said one of the mourners. "And with a heavy heart, I thank them for everything that we didn't see. And I hope that we can stand together and love them just like they loved us, and give them even a small piece of what they tried to give us."

"Being a promoter, it's one of our worst fears come to reality," Brandon Picardal (Dj B Funky) said of the tragic fire. "We don't know when anything like this will happen of course. So I just want to be up here and tell each and every one of those 36 people that we've lost so far that I love you guys. And I am very sorry that your life was taken so soon."

One of the speakers encouraged everyone present to take time to tell the people in their lives how much they love them.