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Nearly $10,000 Worth of Equipment Stolen From Reno Band

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SACRAMENTO -- Just a few hours after playing a show Saturday night at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento, a Reno, Nevada band lost all of their musical instruments and gear.

The band, Purge the Perfect, said going on tour has given them so much joy.

"It's always good to travel no matter what the distance is," said Jake Ramer, Purge the Perfect's drummer. "So it was very well worth playing the show."

Ramer and his band mate, Tyler Cross, said all of their amplifiers, guitars, cameras, lights, drum sets and countless cords were gone in an instant.

"We didn't buy it all at once, we bought it over time, and it's pretty near $10,000," Ramer told FOX40.

The band was staying at the Larkspur Landing hotel in Arden after playing at the Blue Lamp. The next morning, the locks on their trailer were cut, and hotel surveillance was blinded by a tree.

"No other cameras could see like any vehicles leaving, because that takes a large vehicle to take all the gear we had," Ramer said.

Now their plans to continue a tour on both sides of the California Nevada border have come unplugged.

"You know we can't play any more shows now, we got to wait for awhile," Cross said.

They've been handing out lists of what was stolen to nearby pawn shops.

"Our gear is special to us so we're just trying to get that exact gear back," Ramer told FOX40.

But the show must go on. So in the meantime they're bumming equipment from other local bands and raising money crowdsourcing websites all hoping to get enough gear to play their next show in two weeks.

"We would like to keep coming here; we don't want this to set us back from coming here," Ramer said.

To help Purge the Perfect, please visit their GoFundMe.