Family Sad After Caring for Dog for 9 Years, Returning Her to Rightful Owner

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SACRAMENTO -- A South Sacramento family says they had been caring for GiGi, the microchipped poodle recently reunited with her original owner after nine years, the whole time she was gone.

"When I heard the reporter say what happened, what's the story behind you for 9 years we were like, WE are the story, we need to contact them and let them know she WAS loved, she IS loved and we had her all these years," Griselda Flores said.

Flores told FOX40 she purchased GiGi 9 years ago from a couple who said they couldn't take care of her anymore. She said they told her the dog's name was GiGi so they kept her name after they bought her. Flores said her now 11-year-old granddaughter had been caring for GiGi since she was a baby and that when GiGi was let out in the front yard to do her business on Thanksgiving, she never came back in. Since then, Flores said the family had been going to local animal shelters and posting missing flyers, looking for her.

"So it was bittersweet seeing the story. She's happy she was reunited but for us, it's a loss. If she loved her that much having her for 3 years, we loved her for 10 years," Flores said.

But both families have touching stories of why they love GiGi so much.

"This was my mom's dog and when my mom went into assisted care in 2004 then I needed to bring her home," Sally Butters said.

Butters said she was excited to get GiGi back after all those years, and wanted to keep her close for the rest of the 13-year-old dog's days.

"We don't want to ask for her back. My granddaughter just feels that she wants to say her goodbyes, you know? She goes, 'I just want to see her grandma, one more time,'" Flores said.

FOX40 asked Butters if that would be possible.

"Yeah, that would be okay. Yeah," Butters said.