Sneak Peek at ‘Darker Side of Pink’ Exhibit

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Simone is at 5520 Elvas Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95819 with Pamela Skinner the curator of the "Darker Side of Pink" exhibit. The "Darker Side of Pink" is a visual mission by Sacramento-based artist Maren Conrad to explore Barbie as a multifaceted tool for transitioning from childhood to adolescence. In recreating innocuous scenes of Barbie play that reflect her ten-year-old self's naive understanding of sex and the adult world, Conrad shines a light on the concepts of innocence, sexuality, the exposing of private shame, and the feminine self. Her work, often averring the shared and individual feminine experience, has been met with both acclaim and controversy.


Friday, December 9, 4PM - 7PM

Saturday December 10, Noon - 9PM

Sunday, December 11, By Appointment Only