Two Pedestrians Hurt During a Police Pursuit

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RIO LINDA -- Two pedestrians hurt. A power pole destroyed.

It’s the aftermath of a police pursuit in Rio Linda.

"Speeding down Q Street, about 103 mph," CHP Ofc. Chad Hertzell said.

The CHP first spotted the maroon Toyota pickup from the air as it was speeding near a school. Investigators say the truck was stolen from a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy.

A patrol unit tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver kept going. The chase lasted only a few minutes. It ended when the driver lost control during a turn and plowed into a power pole.

"I saw the telephone pole get hit, and went up in the air," witness Reese Cole said.

Close by, two people – one of them a street vendor who was nearly hit by the truck.

"And there was a couple of pedestrians on the sidewalk there. They were selling some food. The debris hit them. They're injured, but slightly," Hertzell daud.