Warning About Pot Edibles Sent to Nevada County Parents

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GRASS VALLEY -- With the rise of pot-laced edibles, anyone can get high off THC by simply eating candy.

It happened recently at a Nevada County Middle School.

"Recently we had some students who were eating lollipops at school that had THC in them, and one of the students had a strong reaction to it," said Marlene Mahurin.

Mahurin helps create tobacco education programs in the county.

After the pot-infused candy got into the hands of kids, she felt parents needed to learn how to handle the dangerous and deceiving drug.

"This is not unique to our area, it's happening everywhere, but we are really trying to take a proactive approach to make sure parents understand whats happening," Mahurin said.

This week parents in Nevada County are getting a letter from the superintendent of schools' tobacco prevention program.

It's titled: "When a lollipop is more than just sweet"

"That's not new," said Sherri Cutter.

Cutter's daughter recently graduated high school.

She believes spreading awareness about potent pot candy will help parents start an important conversation.

"The amount of pot you're getting in edibles is more scary in some ways because you don't know how much, and what, and they look like candy," said Cutter.

The letter encourages parents to tell their kids to avoid eating baked goods or candy from unknown sources, to talk about the health risks of consuming pot edibles and to avoid exposing kids and teens to marijuana.

The newsletter also comes just weeks after California legalized recreational marijuana with Prop 64.

"You look at states where marijuana has been legal for a while, they've seen an increase of children going to the emergency room and increase in calls to poison control," Mahurin said.

A timely warning about edibles for students who may be experimenting with the deceiving drug for the first time.

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