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Activists Take to the Steps of the Capitol to Protest Election of Donald Trump

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SACRAMENTO -- Dozens of activists took to the steps of the state Capitol on Monday to declare independence of the 2016 election, and President-elect Donald Trump.

The demonstration coincided with rallies in several other state capitols, including Boston, Santa Fe and Olympia.

"The popular vote is an incredibly important indicator of the desires of the nation," said Ayelet Waldman, an activist at Monday's protest.

"We're all very upset, obviously, with the way things played out, and we're here to speak our minds," said Kim Frazar Blantz, a San Francisco-based activist.

While the election is over, these activists are hoping electors will change the results when they cast their official electoral college ballots for the districts they represent next week.

"Thirty-seven courageous Americans can stop tyranny from overtaking this country," said Waldman, referring to the number of electoral votes Trump leads Clinton with.

"The founding fathers set up the electoral college to prevent demagogues," said San Franciscan Rebecca Solnit, one of the organizers for the grass-roots push that has adopted the hashtag #defenddemocracy.

She says there's similar protests Monday in other states.

"Boston, Philadelphia, Topeka, Kansas; and Trump Tower in NYC as part of the women's demonstration there today," she said.

Solnit points to an article in Friday's Washington Post suggesting the Russian government intervened to swing the election to Trump as enough to disqualify him from taking office in January.

But she admits, even if election tampering is proven, there's no clear path of action.

"We've never had these allegations of a foreign power meddling in our elections the way they
did. So what do we do?" Solnit asked.

While their marching may seem insignificant to some, Solnit believes she and the activists will make a difference.

"What would you suggest, what are our options? I think we have to use every non-violent avenue possible," Solnit told FOX40.

"What we've learned in the last month and some days is that anything is possible," Waldman said.

Electoral college electors will vote on Dec. 19. After that, the 2016 election must be ratified by Congress.