‘Grinch’ Slashes Inflatable Christmas Decorations in Rancho Cordova

RANCHO CORDOVA -- A Rancho Cordova neighborhood is on edge as dozens of Christmas decorations have been broken and knocked over and inflatables slashed.

Now many are doing what they can to make repairs and catch the culprits who vandalized their front yards.

"All the Christmas decorations are being targeted, we don't know who it is, no one is caught on camera," said Tamara Redmon, whose inflatable Christmas pig's throat was slashed and an inflatable Yoda and Minion stabbed in the backs.

"There's little kids that, they enjoy all of this, all of the neighborhood is filled with this typically, and these guys down here will not put them up because they're getting destroyed and stolen," she said.

And Redmon's inflatables are not the only victims in her South East Rancho Cordova neighborhood, near Douglas Road and Sunrise Boulevard.

Robert Briles said his plastic candy canes were smashed, his Mickey Mouse snow globe also attacked by a knife, along with his Santa and three reindeer.

"It's frustrating for sure because we do it for the kids so," Briles told FOX40.

While each inflatable was more than $100 , it's not the cost that bothers him, but how his daughters reacted.

"My wife picked up my step-daughter and she broke down in tears... She's 3 and is wondering what's going on," Briles said.

Meanwhile Redmon said she's had enough and will be installing surveillance camera all around her house.

"Hopefully we can deter or catch who's doing this or a little bit of both," Redmon told FOX40.

She also hopes Rancho Cordova police start patrolling her streets more and nab the Grinch or Grinches behind these attacks.

"There are people who have lived here for eight years, they said just the last year this all started happening," Redmon said.

Other neighbors say the news is spreading, and everyone is going to be on the look out for these vandals.

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