Mysterious Robbery Leaves Small Town Resident in Fear

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LINDEN -- On Clement and Frazier Roads just outside of Lodi you’ll see more orchards than neighbors, a quiet place where residents once felt safe.

"We’ve been robbed. I was like oh my gosh, we’ve been robbed. Somebody broke in,” Katie, who asked us not to show her face, said.

Katie said she’s scared because her home was burglarized on Wednesday night; the person who did it is still out there.

"I started crying," she recalled. "I got very upset."

Katie said that evening she noticed her front door was unlocked and the electricity seemed to be out. She believes the burglar cut the power before breaking in, she also noticed one of her windows were pulled right off. And she’s not the only one -- at least one other neighbor on social media claimed someone had cut off their power then entered their home.

"We’ve worked for everything that we have, that we do have and we don’t have much,” Katie explained.

Katie said the burglar seemed to take what they could carry. Jewelry, some personal documents, old iPhones and a Kate Spade purse. The total loss? Less than $200, but she said it’s not about the monetary value.

It’s the sentimental memories attached to what was stolen. The jewelry was from her mother who died nine years ago.

"The stuff that was my mother’s that she had left for me,” she said. "Stuff that’s not really of value but it meant a lot to me because that’s not something that I can get back."

As for her home, she said it no longer feels sacred but she’s trying to remain positive.

"Like just being in my home, it’s like you’re supposed to feel safe and you no longer feel safe,” she said.

Katie said one of the positive aspects she’s happy about is that her dog wasn’t home at the time. She’s also happy that no one was physically hurt. We reached out to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department and they said at this time they have no comment on the investigation.