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Oakdale Man’s Truck Broken Into, Life-Saving Medication Stolen

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OAKDALE -- A scar that runs through Tony Pulliam’s left arm reminds him that he’s a survivor.

“You gotta keep swinging, that’s just the way it is,” Pulliam said.

On Dec. 23, the two time cancer fighter woke up to his kidney and blood pressure medication stolen; both medications are difficult to replace.

“Take someone’s stereo they’re not gonna have any medical problems, but you take their medication, that’s different,” Pulliam said.

The burglary happened on East J Street in Oakdale, which is a very rural part of town near Pulliam’s home. He said he found the doors of his truck open, and noticed a bag filled with items he takes to his dialysis appointment was missing.

This burglary upset Pulliam's wife who worries about her husband’s health.

“I am angry because we’ve been through a lot, my husband has been through a lot,” Renay Pulliam told us.

Pulliam’s medication is covered by his insurance, and he’s grateful for that as well as the kindness of his community.

“I went to the kidney center here in Oakdale and the nice folks there gave me a brand new bag,” Tony Pulliam said.

Some of the things that were stolen have already been replaced.

“Always great to have good friends, nice people who step up when something like this happens and they help you out,” he explained.

Tony said he has filed a police report. As for prevention, he said he will now lock his gate and might get security cameras.