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Cleanup Underway After Storm Hits Sacramento Region

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SACRAMENTO --  Many of us woke up Wednesday morning to our local neighborhood streets covered with leaves, branches and other debris from the sizable storm overnight.

"They are a mess," said Steve Hoffman a retired local. "And running the park this morning was interesting too. A lot of branches down, and things like that."

If you were lucky, that's all you had to deal with. There were several reports of downed trees and some minor flooding, but overall cleanup from the storm wasn't too bad.

"Today really wasn't too much of a cleanup day," said Rhea Serran with the city of Sacramento. "We had just a regular maintenance day, so that just shows the city is ready and capable of taking care of things."

Most of it was wet leaves and branches, but the city also wants to remind its residents to take advantage of the free pick up service going on now because of the storm season.

"One thing to remember is we try to get leaves out of the way of the gutter because that will clog the storm drain, and that actually causes the majority of our localized flooding in the area," said Serran.

Residents are advised to, after clearing leaves and branches from near the gutter and curb, make a small pile, which makes for easier and quicker pick up.

Of course all of this is to prevent any type of future flooding. Sacramento County has several free sand bag stations set up from now until the end of May for residents to take advantage of.

"We just ask that you come and bring a shovel. We don't supply the shovel, but we do supply the sand and the bags," explained Matt Robinson with the county. "There is a 20 bag limit to make sure that everyone gets their fair share, but we want to make sure the public has access to the sand at any time."

Flooding is expected in certain areas with the next storm on the way for the weekend. So it's crucial that residents find time to clean up what this latest storm has already knocked down.

However, if you do experience any type of flooding, you can dial 311 in the city or the county of Sacramento.