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Special Needs Choir Earns Big Gig at Stockton Arena

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STOCKTON -- A special needs choir gave FOX40 a sneak peak of their upcoming performance, after booking their biggest gig yet at the Stockton Arena on Saturday night.

The Joy Sounds Choir is comprised of 35 people, who combine their artistic talents and their special needs to make music.

The choir is part of the Christian Berets faith-based group in Modesto that also hosts a summer camp for people with special needs every summer.

"Uh, people say that I'm a ham. [laughs]. So, I'm not really nervous, because I've been performing in front of people all of my life. For me, the best part is the audience's reaction," Chris Hansen said.

He is blind.

"It makes me happy. It makes my heart happy," Eddie Summers said.

He has Down syndrome.

"I'm not nervous at all. When I'm nervous my whole body shakes, and I'm not nervous. I know this song," Cherie Yoder said.

She has a learning disability.

The Joy Sounds Choir will sing the national anthem at the Stockton Arena Saturday night before the Stockton Heat versus Milwaukee Admirals hockey game. They are scheduled to perform around 7 p.m. After their performance, they will watch the game.

"We're ready to go," Summers said.

The group has performed for a crowd of 400 in the past, so Saturday's performance in front of thousands will be their biggest audience yet.

"People with disabilities are much more in the mainstream now, so it's just cool that we get to be a part of this ... So as they say, break a leg. [laughs]. Knock em dead," Hansen said.

The choir members said they were confident because they would be standing on stage together.

"Like my choir director says, if he goes in a ditch, we all go in a ditch, together. [laughs]," Yoder said.

Tickets are still available on Ticketmaster and range between $10 and $35.