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Floodplain Residents Brace for Sunday Storm

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GALTĀ -- Many who live in flood plains are bracing for Sunday's storm. The Cosumnes River and the Mokelumne River have already started to surge their banks.

The Bureau of Land Management had to shut down its Cosumnes River Preserve visitor center on Franklin Boulevard in South Sacramento County because half its parking lot flooded, and the Preserve Manager Harry McQuillen said the building itself could be next.

"We didn't want a bunch of visitors in here in their vehicles and they try to worry about getting them out, so it's just safer for our staff and our visitors if we close it today in preparation in what could be a major event tomorrow," McQuillen told FOX40.

A major event which will kick the Cosumnes River flow up from 11,000 cubic feet per second to around 60,000 cubic feet per second.

That has many who live on nearby Point Pleasant Road preparing for the worst.

"You can already tell even though there hasn't been a lot of rain fall that we're getting ankle sized puddles already," one man told FOX40.

"We're kind of preparing that it's going to be a bad one," a woman filling sandbags on Point Pleasant Road told FOX40.

"We don't know how bad it's going to be, but it's better to be well prepared," said Jose Vargas, who barricaded his door with sandbags, remembering what the previous told him about the last flood in 2006. "Previous owner told us that it flooded I think it got four feet or something."

Sunday, 63,000 cubic feet per second is expected in the Cosumnes River. The BLM says during the 1997 flood the river was at about 98,000 cubic feet per second.