Placer County Experiences Flooding, Funnel Cloud

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PLACER COUNTY -- "I opened the front door and went 'holy smoke,'" said Linda Hathaway of Lincoln.

She was in for a shock when she got up this morning; water knocking at her front door.

The backyard was even worse.

And even though the level has gone down some, Monday night the house is still surrounded and the yard, still submerged.

"We've gone through the drought for so long and then this storm..." Hathaway shrugged. "We've been praying a little bit."

Meanwhile, the weather extremes in Lincoln don't end with rivers and creeks coming up out of their beds. They include a funnel cloud coming down out of the sky.

"I'm glad I'm on this side of the freeway," said Ben Kaiser, who saw the clouds across Highway 65 Monday afternoon.

The National Weather Service confirms a funnel cloud did form over the west side of Lincoln. They say it caused no damage.

A crew laying fiberoptic cable said they saw not one, but two funnel clouds form and fade in quick succession.

"Pretty neat. It was pretty exciting," said Jimmy Hitt, a line worker. "It looked like two big funnels coming down."

Back on Critter Creek in west of Lincoln, they've about had it with what's been coming down out of the sky lately. Their critters have too.

"One of my cats was meowing, had swam to my husband's truck and was up on the wheel," Hathaway said.

Underneath the water surrounding her home is a riding lawn mower that's now completely submerged along with all kinds of other farm equipment, leaving Hathaway to hope the worst is over.

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