Rio Linda Sees Localized Flooding After Storm

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RIO LINDA -- Residents in Rio Linda welcomed the respite in rainstorms that hit the area this weekend.

Dry Creek, a customary trouble spot in the low-lying community was less than a foot below flood stage at Elkhorn Boulevard, the same street that was underwater during the 1997 floods.

Even after the street and the bridge over the creek were rebuilt and raised, water spilled over the creek bed into a wide flood plain that included a number of community parks.

A number of streets also saw several inches of water making it a tough decision for motorists on whether to drive through the water or turn back.

Tim Marble of the Elkhorn Elverta Park District and a colleague waded into two feet of water at Central Park to turn off the power to the park, which has a BMX bicycle track and a horse arena.

He said his staff will monitor the water level for the rest of the week because more storms are forecast.

"We'll get through it, this isn't the first time for Rio Linda," said Marble.

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