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Acampo Vintner Frustrated by Flooded Winery

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ACAMPO -- What was once lush and green is now buried in inches of rain water at the Viaggio Winery in Acampo.

“So it’s kind of frustrating right now, it’s not able to be used,” Larry Lawrence, the owner of the Viaggio Estate and Winery said.

Lawrence said he noticed the water levels getting higher and higher as the rain pounded harder and harder.

"And that lawn is primarily one of the places where we hold these events,” Lawrence said.

He added he’ll have to wait until the water clears up to assess the damage.

He’s also concerned the flooding is partially man-made.

"I’m hoping to grab a hold of the guy's neck that’s letting this water out, and you know, shake him up a little bit,” he said.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District, who runs Lake Camanche, said in wet years like this, they have to release water from the reservoir, which becomes a part of the Mokelumne River and may go downstream into agricultural areas like the Viaggio. The district said this is required to allow more room for future storm runoff.

"Doesn’t make any sense I don’t know why they’re not storing some water before they let it all go out,” Lawrence told FOX40.

In the meantime, Lawrence will be waiting for the storm to pass.

"Hoping it’d be all right once it subsides but I don’t know when that’s going to be,” he said.

Lawrence added the flooding has not impacted any of the buildings on his property.