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Parks Flood as Water Levels Rise in Marysville

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MARYSVILLE -- Parks under water, trees limbs fighting the current. That was the scene in Marysville Tuesday, a city that lies between two rivers. It was hard to tell where those rivers began -- and where the overflow from this week's flooding ended.

"Water rising, coming down. Scary,” said Michael Spears. Spears lives with his grandmother in a mobile home area next to the rushing waters of the Yuba River. The family’s home is under a voluntary evacuation, but they chose to stay.

"Yeah, we got the trailer on top, but my grandma's stubborn and don't want to leave,” said Spears.

"We haven't seen water this high on the Yuba or the Feather River since 2005 or 2006,” said Scott Bryan.

Both rivers flowed over their banks. Scott Bryan with Yuba Emergency Operations says it forced the county to close a few roads, now completely under water. Bryan says EOS asks people to evacuate once the height on the Yuba River gauge hits 76 feet. Tuesday, it reached 82.

"I remember growing up here regularly seeing the rivers come up levee to levee but our levees are doing what they're designed to do,” said Leslie Carbah, spokesperson for the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriffs officials say as of Tuesday afternoon, they’ve conducted 15 water rescues, often in areas where people refuse to evacuate.

"The hesitancy we've seen so far has been from the homeless population at the river bottom. That's primarily where the water rescues have had to be made,” said Carbah.

Officials here say they think the worst of it is behind them, now waiting for the water over their roads, fields, and orchards to clear.