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California Conservation Corps Lays Sandbags to Help Protect Delta

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SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY -- The work to protect the San Joaquin Delta starts with one sandbag at a time.

The California Conservation Corps was called to help in preventing damage in what’s known as wave wash.

"The King’s tide and the high water, what happens is it creates these dips, and what we’re going to do is we’re going to fill the dips with these sandbags," Tony Burger with the CCC said.

The strong tides could do some real damage to San Joaquin County’s farmland.

All-in-all, about 50 members of the CCC worked on Wednesday afternoon on Twitchell Island.

"We go to fires, we go to floods, we go to emergencies. We're California’s largest unskilled mobile work force,” Burger said.

Each sandbag adds another layer of protection against the potential new rainfall.

"It’s a work ethic program, hard work, low pay, miserable conditions and more is our motto," he told us.