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AMADOR COUNTY -- From Sutter Creek in Ione to Jackson Creek in Jackson, Amador County waterways are raging.

The National Hotel in Jackson had a close call Tuesday night. Jackson Creek just behind the hotel spilled over a walking bridge.

"It was gushing over nonstop, nice that it actually stopped at about one o'clock in the morning, started seeing it go down lower," said hotel general manager Chuck Swisher.

The water in county creeks went down significantly Wednesday but it left a mess behind. Debris crowded the closed off bridge behind the hotel. Sandbags that protected a lot behind The National Hotel were drenched and scattered across the property.

It's the same scene you'll find at Michele Jensen's antique shop. Sandbags are in place to help her avoid flooding.

"We all have these stairways that come down from the top level, and so the stairways turn into waterfalls, and I've had complete flooding," she said.

Jensen's store is safe, but other parts of the county dealt with major issues. The Jackson Public Works Department said multiple trees came down, older parts of the city overflowed and roads flooded.

While in Ione, 15 homes saw water in their garages and front yards. Volunteers not only helped protect homes in Ione with sandbags, but also in Jackson.

Residents are ready for a break.

"It would be nice to see it dry up a little bit so more damage doesn't occur," said Jay Micheo.