Elk Grove Restaurant`s Parking Lot Fills with Floodwater

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ELK GROVE -- New name, old problem for the Sloughhouse Inn turned Meadowlands Restaurant in Sacramento county.

"Just checking stuff out ... seeing how bad it is out here," said Jason Burrell, as he looked out across water rippling in strong winds along Meiss Road.

"We've been living out here for several years and we've seen it happen before," said Jerry Leadson of Sloughhouse.

There are lots of times when the parking lot at the Meadowlands Restaurant is full, but Tuesday it was just full of entirely too much of Deer Creek.

"They raised the building many years ago because of this situation," he said.

"But I don't know. It's supposed to get higher tonight I think."

Throughout the afternoon, sandbags were doing very little to stop the rainy reach of the latest storm to hit the Sacramento Valley.

More than an inch of water was inside the Griffiths' garage near Elk Grove's Kammerer and Rau roads.

"We're just hoping that it doesn't rain too much more on us here," said Denette Griffith's son Justin.

Around the corner, cars were splashing entirely too fast through flood waters already rolling off one farmer's fields.

With concern in the area rising inch by inch, one threat outweighs them all.

"We're watching the Cosumnes River real close ... well if it floods, it's just gonna come this way too," said Griffith.

Folks in Wilton closer to the boil-compromised levee that might send water rushing toward them and Denette Griffith, have mixed feelings about the danger and voluntary order to evacuate.

"Stay home. I been through this in '97," said Al Azevedo.

"It's a little scary. You just kind of have to wait and see," said Roberta Azevedo.

While many thought the boil would be the biggest problem, the National Weather Service predicted that overnight Tuesday a foot of water will just rush over the top of the levee in Wilton.