Marysville Man Frustrated with Yuba County Over Drainage Ditch Floods

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MARYSVILLE -- A couple of family homes are on the verge of flooding in Marysville Wednesday night.

They've got several pumps working overtime to make sure water doesn't get into the house.

One homeowner claims Yuba County could have done more to clear its drainage ditches that run near these homes, thus preventing the problem.

"Basically I have a lake for a yard all the way around my home," said Leon Ford, who's desperately trying to drain his yard. "We have seven pumps running, and they're all from people who have brought their pumps over and donated the use of them."

But the pumps themselves have to be out of the water, which is why Ford is using boats to put them on. For now, his Yuba County home on Apex Lane is dry, but his daughter, Mackenzie Ward, said it got within 6 inches.

"Last night we started getting all the furniture up because we thought for sure it was coming in, but luckily we got that huge pump going and were able to stop that from happening," Ward said.

Ward said the garage however has at least a foot of water.

"I'm hoping that my washer and dryer are okay."

Ford said he knew there was going to be a problem at his house long before it started raining. Months ago, he noticed the county's drainage ditch had a lot of debris.

"The ditch is full of foxtails, full of trees, garbage gets clogged up in there," Ford said.

He said he's called the county, but he's gotten nowhere.

"When we've had problems in the past they brought big diesel pumps out and assisted us, but for some reason they said they don't want to do that any more," he said.

Fortunately, fellow members of Ford's Calvary Christian Center in Yuba City stepped up to bring the most important thing he needs right now -- fuel for all those pumps.

"All day everyone that came had a five gallon can of fuel," Ford said.

But until the water's out, there's only one way to and from the house.

"You can either get soaking wet in the freezing cold water walking over there, or the guys are in their water gear, getting us in the boat and taking us to the house," Ward said.

FOX40 tried reaching out to Yuba County Wednesday night, but did not get a response because it was after hours.