Placerville Remains Under State of Emergency

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PLACERVILLE -- The city of Placerville continues to be under a state of emergency.

The city manager made the declaration Tuesday after severe weather in the region.

Kimberly Keyton's home on Wiltse Road in Placerville  is now surrounded by a moat. Her mini water pump is working in overdrive.

"We're pumping it out to the front trying to get it into the river that's going in the front yard, to at least get it out from under the crawl space," Keyton said.

The water levels have gotten so high, it's now going over the drainage ditch and onto their driveway.

This is just one of many reasons Placerville City Manager Cleve Morris issued a citywide state of emergency.

"We were out all last night and out today," Morris said.

Heavy rain filled all the tanks at the Placerville Waste Water Treatment Center. It even filled their contingency pond. At one point, sewer water was spewing into Hangtown Creek. While this has no effect on the city's drinking water, crews worked around the clock to pump the sewage overflow out, and haul it to nearby El Dorado Hills Sewer plant for processing.

"At one time, we estimated close to 25,000 gallons an hour that we were hauling," Morris said.

Until that is fully contained, Morris said he cannot lift the state of emergency. Plus with more rain in the forecast, his team is looking into other options.

"We can bring in other resources, and potentially receive funding for those resources if it becomes available," Morris said.

As for residents like Keyton, those resources and a break in the storm cannot come soon enough.

"I would suspect the house is shifting, because it's sitting on a lake. It's sitting on a lake," Keyton said.

Morris said he hopes to lift the state of emergency by the end of the week, when the weather is expected to be mild.