Rio Linda Church with History of Flooding Evacuated Again

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RIO LINDA -- A Rio Linda family whose church has previously flooded nine times evacuated once again Tuesday night after Dry Creek exceeded its capacity and seeped onto their property.

"Just a couple inches up and it's gonna come over," Bob Royer said.

Royer is the pastor at First Church of Rio Linda, formerly known as First Apostolic Church of Rio Linda. The property has stood tall on a downward slope right alongside Dry Creek for decades, flooding in several major rain events, and being re-built each time.

The church was one of many properties within the floodplain on FEMA's map that went into voluntary evacuation Tuesday night just before Dry Creek flooded.

"I'm getting older, it's getting harder. I'm 73. And it just gets rougher. When I was younger, it was no big deal. I'd rip the carpet out, move everything myself. But now I need someone to help me," Royer said.

Tuesday night, Royer's adult son helped him prepare the church for the water to come in. They moved all of the furniture they couldn't relocate up high in the center of the rooms, and packed a truck with valuables.

"We don't leave until the water comes in," Royer said.

Tuesday night, the family expected the creek to flood the church by midnight. Even thought they've been through the process nine times, they said the tenth time was no easier.

"You just never get used to doing it," Royer said.

Royer told FOX40 the church was covered by flood insurance, though the dollar amount would likely not be enough to repair the damage they were expecting this time around.