Rushing Water Washes Out Road in Alta

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PLACER COUNTY -- CHP cell phone video shows frightening moments when asphalt drops off into a creek in Alta.

Morten Road is split in two after powerful rushing water tore through the earth holding the asphalt up.

"It wasn't a bridge, it was a whole road with dirt all the way across and then asphalt on top, but the water just got to be too much," said CHP Officer Chris Nave.

It's a dramatic and shocking sight for people who live in the foothills.

"It's bad," said Laura Lukens

But it's not new for Lukens.

The same thing happened to a road near her home in the late '90s.

"It looks to me the same as it did 20 years ago when it happened up there. It's the same kind of cut and everything," Lukens said.

With the road split, people who live on the far side of Morten Road have no direct way to go in and out.

"This is the only access in right here," Nave said.

Nave says there are 15 to 20 homes on the other side of the creek.

Now people will have to take treacherous backroads to get in and out.

The CHP says it may take six weeks for the road to get fixed.

Lukens can sympathize with those inconvenienced by this dangerous drop off.

"I feel sorry for those people because I know exactly what they're going through," said Lukens.