14 People Rescued from Flood Waters in Point Pleasant

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY -- Underneath the flood are the fields of Point Pleasant in South Sacramento County. It is a small farm community, now under water and under evacuation.

"I don't have a plan. We just gotta look for a place we can sleep tonight," said Jose Vargas, an evacuee.

The water came suddenly and in the dark. At around 4:30 Thursday morning, upstream rivers swollen by days of rain over-topped a levee.

So residents of Point Pleasant woke up to yards, cars and homes under water.

"I wake up and I heard the dog was barking, and I looked, and there was flooding. 'We gotta go!'" Vargas said.

The Cosumnes Fire Department's Flood Rescue Unit got 14 people out by boat. Three of those people were stuck in cars, the rest boarded rescue rafts directly from their homes.

"The rain has stopped in this location right now. But of course the rain itself is not really the bigger concern. Sometimes the water is coming from a different location through these rivers and streams," said Cosumnes Fire Chief Tracy Hansen.

More than one driver pushed their luck and wound up stalling out or going off a soft shoulder into a ditch they couldn't see.

And now this community is left to watch and wait and spectate how long it will be until the flood waters subside.

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