Flood Worries Continue for Some in Sacramento County

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY -- The chatter at the local watering hole in Hood is all about water.

"Snodgrass Slough, that's what's starting to have problems on the east side of the levee, but we're on the west side, so we're a little more stable over here," said Chris Schoenhoff from atop a bar stool at Hood Supply Company.

The chef at Hood Supply left one area battling high water for another, driving 23 miles to work from his own flooded backyard turned back lake along Sacramento's Garden Highway.

"First time I ever used my kayak," said Patrick Hocking, showing off pictures of himself rowing right behind his home.

"Perfect day to do it, in light of something bad," he said.

For some there's now a little humor to be found in the situation -- a slight ease of tension that's left shelter beds empty and allowed some of the desperation for those who once had to be rescued....recede along with the water.

At least 14 people will never forget that rescue is how the day started, when their only way out of the troubled parts of Point Pleasant was a raft.

"It's, it's crazy for us," said Jose Vargas.

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