Sacramento County Braces for More Flooding

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ELK GROVE -- Roads are finally visible again and the rain has been replaced with a slight mist, which is the break Elk Grove residents need.

"Exhausted, just kind of displaced," said Patti Collins who evacuated her Point Pleasant Road home Thursday.

She's finally back home but, unfortunately for Collins, the break won't last long. With more wet weather on the way next week, she's already stacking sandbags in her car.

"Putting the sandbags for the compressor that's around our house, we're in there trying to clean as much as we can," Collins said.

Since the rain stopped the work hasn't stopped for anyone. As water receded on Lambert Road Saturday, the California Highway Patrol and Sacramento County Sheriff's Department dealt with two cars abandoned by their owners after flood waters trapped them.

Sacramento County crews are also busy.

"They're working hard right now to make sure they get it done before the next round of rain," said spokesperson Matt Robinson.

A hole in the levee along Snodgrass Slough needs to be patched up.

"They've been bringing in big rocks to try and fill in the hole both on the water side and on the land side," said Robinson who expects more equipment to be brought in Monday.

While continuing to warn those around the slough about voluntary evacuations because of the levee leak, the county also wants people in the Point Pleasant Road area to be aware of possible water contamination.

The county suggests testing your water before using it. Information on how to disinfect contaminated water can be found at Sacramento County's "Disaster Response" page.