As Floodwaters Subside, Residents Brace for More Rain

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY -- Pat Hoppe removed all the food and other items from her basement last week, and she says they're not going back anytime soon.

"Not until March or maybe even later but at least mid-March," she said.

Hoppe says during the severe flooding in the late '90s, her basement completely filled with water, and although she escaped that same fate during last week's storms, she did lose some stuff that was outside.

"The rain ruined 80 bales of hay we had in our barn," she said.

Residents along Point Pleasant Road and Lambert Road were grabbing sandbags Monday afternoon -- hoping the next round of rain this week will not create the same flooding as it did last week.

"It damaged the shed, there was a lot of water everywhere, and it was creeping up to the house but fortunately never got inside," says Bridget Lasso.

For some other residents the issue isn't exactly what's above ground but what's below it.

Sacramento County emergency officials say a big issue this coming week may be contaminated well water for those who use underground pumping systems.

That's the case for Kathy Monahan.

"You know something is wrong when you turn on the tap and brown water comes out," says Monahan.

Her problem had to do with the cover on her water well. Cracks in it allowed for floodwaters to seep in, contaminating her freshwater supply.

Until she's able to replace it, Monahan said she will have to use chlorine to get rid of the contamination and any bacteria so she can drink her water once again.

The next round of rain and possible flooding is expected Wednesday.