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Post-Storm Parking Problems in Truckee

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TRUCKEE -- After a long week of storms, Truckee is finally thawing out. But the combination of tourists searching for great skiing and massive snow banks plowed on the side of the road has made the parking downtown a nightmare.

"It's been madness down here, not enough parking for everyone, it's been insane," said Chris Gerrald.

Gerrald lives in downtown Truckee, and like many of her neighbors, she is still busy digging out from last week's massive storm.

"This time of year when the snow's not removed, it is frustrating, we'd like to see it taken better care of," Gerrald said.

She said part of the problem is plows have covered what's typically street parking on Donner Pass Road.

"So there's parallel parking down there that's buried right now," she said.

"Yeah it's a zoo, I mean people are lined up along the street all the way up to the hospital from [downtown]," said Tyler Gorsuch, who lives in Truckee.

Truckee police said they're also having challenges with many parking signs covered by snow and some tourists parking wherever they can, often on the sidewalk or even the middle of a street.

"It may seem counter-intuitive, but writing a ticket to somebody who is parked in the middle of the road doesn't really solve the problem, unfortunately, those are the people you usually end up towing or you try to find an owner to a car," said Sgt. Robert Womack with the Truckee Police Department.

Police said they've been towing more cars than usual this week. Meanwhile, the town said it has added parking, hoping once more people learn about it, parking on Donner Pass Road won't be as bad.

"Behind on Jibboom Street, there's a very large lot that is new this year, so there's a lot of space back there," said Colleen Dalton, with the Truckee Chamber of Commerce

But locals are still frustrated free spaces are disappearing.

"They're going to build more of these parking areas, but they're going to charge to park, so now the locals have no where to park at all," Gorsuch said.