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Sacramento Police Investigating After 2 Cars Stolen from 2 Different Planet Fitness Locations

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SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento police confirm they are investigating two stolen car cases that originated over the weekend from customers at two different, local Planet Fitness gyms.

"After work I spent 10 minutes talking myself into going to the gym. So I finally decided to go," said Shaudra Hudson.

Hudson went to the gym in her new car, but she wouldn't be coming home in it.

Hudson's gym is the Planet Fitness on Stockton Boulevard. She says that while she was doing her workout, someone was cleaning out her locker.

She says she's even brought her own lock, but when she got back to her locker everything was gone -- her wallet, her cards, the keys to her new Jeep Compass and even the lock on the locker.

And in the parking lot...

"Like I suspected, my car was missing," Hudson said.

It's a frustrating situation. But things would only get more frustrating for Hudson when she found out another local Planet Fitness was hit in the exact same way a day earlier.

"She called me crying. I guess she had left her keys and her wallet in a locker, somebody went in the locker and broke in. They took her car, took off, and started using her credit card all around town, said Edwin Hintz.

Hintz says his daughter locked her locker up too. But that didn't stop a woman from grabbing her keys and stealing her car at the Planet Fitness on Mack Road.

He eventually found surveillance video of the woman he says used his daughter's car and credit card to grab something at a nearby fast food restaurant.

"This is very frustrating because this has happened before," said Hudson. "There's no reason why that's not communicated throughout the company."